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Because the cosmetics market has been literally flooded by eyelash growth products over the past several years, a potential buyer may have difficulty in choosing the right product for her use. More meticulous buyers would want concrete proof that the eyelash growth stimulant does work and that it is safe for her to use.

For these women, they want to see the results of clinical research studies done on the product. In fact, it is required by the U.S. FDA that all cosmetic products, including eyelash growth stimulants, should undergo clinical testing to determine its effectiveness and safety. One such product that underwent rigid clinical research trials is DS Laboratories Revita.EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator.

What is DS Laboratories Revita.EPS

ds laboratories revita
Revita.EPS is being marketed by DS Laboratories as an eyelash growth stimulant capable of growing longer lashes by 25 percent in just two weeks. It does not contain the drug Bimatoprost, making it safe to use. According to the website, the secret behind the product lies in its proprietary peptide complex called “Revita.EPS”.

In the in vivo and in vitro clinical trials done on the product, they have demonstrated eyelash-lengthening activity in 15 subjects between 24 to 82 years of age. As a result of these studies, DS Laboratories has determined the specific indications for their product, namely that it can be used in treating hypotrichosis—either caused by genetics or exogenous factors like chemotherapy—by thickening and lengthening the lashes. It is a welcome alternative to false eyelashes, which may cause irritation.

Sadly, except for Revita.EPS, DS Laboratories did not fully disclose the ingredients that are contained in the product. It would have been nice to know if there are any substances or chemical compounds which may cause any untoward reactions in women who are hypersensitive.

According to the manufacturer, to achieve the best results, the product must be applied in the morning before putting on your makeup and in the evening before going to bed. First, wash your face and make sure that you remove all makeup, especially in the eye area. Take the special applicator pen that comes with the product.

Click the button at the end of the pen so that the solution goes down to the tip. Same as your application of eyeliner, carefully draw a line along your upper and lower eyelid margins. The manufacturer claims that you should not worry if the product should get into your eyes because it will not cause any harm. Once you have reached the desired length of your eyelashes, you can switch to a once a day application for maintenance.

Women who have tried out Revita. EPS indeed saw a significant increase in their eyelashes between 2 to 4 weeks of regular use. However, there are some women who have had some difficulty in using the applicator pen. If you don’t have a steady hand, you may want to skip using this product or you can push the solution onto an eyeliner wand for more convenient application. At a price of $18.20, it is one of the cheapest eyelash growth products on the market today.

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