France has long been famous as the center for fashion as well as cosmetics. It is not surprising, therefore, that they would come out with an eyelash growth product.

The name of France’s eyelash growth enhance product is DULASH.

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This is one of my favorite post and we will list down and discuss a number of good points (and bad) and other users opinions – Dulash Reviews.

What is Dulash

dulash eyelash productDulash is made completely out of all natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about the product’s containing prostaglandins and their derivatives which may even change your eye color.

Dulash Ingredients

The primary ingredient of Dulash is witch hazel. This herb increases the flow of blood to the eyelashes.

Naturally, with nourished lashes, you should expect greater growth.

Nettle  contains Vitamins A and C, Iodine, silicon, and sulfur, which repairs and strengthens eyelashes.

Horse chestnut stimulates the release of hormones necessary for hair and eyelash growth.

Last but not least, apple contains polyphenols that have been found to be very effective in promoting the growth of hair and eyelashes.

Dulash takes pride in the fact that the clinical trials conducted on the product did not require animal experimentation.

The results of these trials showed that 88 percent of eyelashes were able to grow to their full length with regular Dulash use in comparison to the 24 percent which did not use the product.

Another plus for Dulash is its packaging. The product comes with a dual brush system unlike other eyelash products that have only one brush.

How to Apply Dulash

Before applying, thoroughly clean your eyelids of makeup and mascara. With Dulash, you will use one brush to apply the gel product at the base of your eyelashes.

The second brush – a mascara brush – applies the gel directly to the eyelashes to give it a conditioning coat.

Let the gel dry. If you are going to use Dulash in the morning, make sure that you apply the gel first and let it dry before putting on makeup.

dulash reviews
One disadvantage to Dulash is that you need to use it continuously, not like other products which you will only apply for a maximum of 6 weeks.

Some reviewers say that a point against Dulash is that they don’t give out the complete list of ingredients.

However, even if the complete ingredients list has not been provided, the company has the results of the clinical trials posted in their website at

Another point against the product is that it is also expensive.

But, this already includes free shipping within the United States with guaranteed delivery of between 3 and 10 days.

Take note that if you experience side effects (the manufacturer guarantees zero side effects because of the natural ingredients) or the product does not live up to its promise, Dulash comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

If you are looking for a good eyelash growth enhancement product that is all natural, go ahead and check out Dulash!

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