How to make eyelashes grow…this is a question that many women all over the world are currently pondering.

Women are vain when it comes to their looks. It is not enough that they have full, flowing glossy hair; they also want to complete the package with thick, curling, sultry eyelashes.

Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with beautiful eyelashes.

If you happen to be one of these women, luckily, there are safe, natural ways by which you can make your eyelashes grow.

So throw away that mascara and those extensions and check out the tips that we have for you below.

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Check Your Doctor

50254_123011291085026_285_nHave yourself checked out by a doctor. If your eyelashes are constantly falling out, you need to determine if you are healthy.

You might have certain medical conditions that are affecting eyelash growth.

For example, hypothyroidism and pituitary disorders can cause slow and sparse growth of eyelashes.

You might have a condition known as madarosis which causes you to lose your eyelashes.

Styes, blepharitis and other infections of the eyelids can also result in eyelash fall out.

Better check for mites as well. Infestation with Demodex folliculorum can lead to loss of eyelashes.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Eat a healthy diet. Remember that your eyelashes – like your hair – are made of proteins, so eat more proteins in your diet.

An excellent protein is soy. Studies have shown that soy can stimulate growth of your eyelashes.

Other foods that you should include in your diet include yogurt, eggs, beans and fish.

Take Vitamins

Take vitamin supplements.

There are certain vitamin supplements that can aid in eyelash growth.

First of these is the B complex vitamins, specifically pantothenic acid and biotin.

Pantothenic acid aids in protein metabolism and in the greater production of keratin, the structural material of hair and eyelashes.

On the other hand, biotin speeds up eyelash growth and aids in strengthening the eyelash strands.

You can find pantothenic acid in organ meats such as liver and kidney, egg yolk, yeast and broccoli.

how to grow eyelashesBananas, whole grains, pecans, almonds, egg yolk and sardines are rich sources of biotin.

You should also take Vitamins A, E and C. Vitamin C prevents free radicals from damaging the eyelashes as well as aids in their repair.

Vitamins A and E promotes eyelash growth and strength by increasing blood flow to the eyelids and lashes.

Take Mineral Supplements

Take mineral supplements. Minerals like silica, manganese, potassium, magnesium and calcium speeds up eye growth.

The loss of eyelashes can be prevented by iron, copper, iodine, and chromium supplements. To increase eyelash strength, you should take supplements with copper, silica, sulfur and zinc.

Use Natural Oils

Use natural oils. Certain natural oils have been found to be effective in encouraging eyelash growth. Specific oils cited are olive oil and emu oil.

Using cotton buds or balls, gently apply either of these two oils at the base of your eyelashes along the edges of your eyelids. For emu oil, it is also advisable to dab it directly to the eyelashes.

Eye Lash Accelerators

Use lash accelerators. These are products that have been manufactured to stimulate eyelash growth.

Most of these lash accelerators contain natural proteins, serums and conditioners to promote growth and strengthen existing lashes.

Discover other useful tips on how to make your eyelashes grow today!

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