Eyelash growth product reviews are truly a woman’s best friend.

No woman would want to use a beauty product that is untested or has caused untoward side effects on people.

Naturally, they would want to know anything and everything about it before they open their purses.

Because of the strict regulations surrounding the beauty and cosmetics industry, no product is released without considerable testing.

Eyelash growth products are certainly no exception.

There is also the important consideration that any products that you use on your eyelashes may also affect your eyes.

So, it is vital that safe use is reassured. Of course, no product is perfect.

For this reason, there are websites that go the extra mile of testing these eyelash growth products themselves and compile reviews from consumers who have used them.

There are a number of eyelash growth serums that are being sold in the cosmetics market today. Let us take a look at the products that have been getting a lot of buzz from women.


Latisse is one of a few prescription eyelash growth products in the market.

Its active ingredient is the FDA-approved drug bimatoprost. Bimatoprost was originally used to maintain ocular pressure in patients with glaucoma, but it has an effect of stimulating eyelash growth.

Latisse is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once a day with a sterile, disposable applicator for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Since it is a prescribed preparation, one would think that it is very effective.

Unfortunately, the product’s ingredients – not just bimatoprost – can cuase a number of side effects.

These side effects include eye redness, irritation or dryness, and itching at the application site.

Some individuals have suffered from allergic reactions to another ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, which has led to even greater eyelash fall out.

There is also darkening of the skin around the application site. One drawback of the product is that the eyelash growth is only temporary.

You need to continue using Latisse or else your eyelashes will return to their original state in a few weeks.


Revitalash is one of many non-prescription eyelash growth formulations available.

Its active ingredients are two drugs – the muscle relaxant chlorphenesin and the prostaglandin derivative Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide – which act to stimulate eyelash growth.

To give strength and thickness to eyelashes, you have disodium phosphate and citric acid. Last but not least, you have Panthenol, a humectants that moisturizes each eyelash strand.

Reviews on Revitalash have been mixed. Most women have found the product ineffective and a waste of money (considering its steep price tag).

In those women in whom the product worked, it took 3 months of daily application before they noticed changes in their eyelashes.

There is some concern with the side effects, particularly those associated with chlorphenesin and another ingredient phenoxyethanol.

The most common side effects noted with product use include irritation and itching at the site of application, redness and/or dryness of the eyes.

The irritation is largely caused by the addition of salt/sodium chloride. Ironically, salt causes hair to become brittle, so it may even cause the eyelashes to fall out.


Beauty experts have been touting Metalash to be the eyelash growth product to watch out for in 2012.

With a price tag of $89.95, it is one of the more affordable products around.

Metalash’s active ingredients include KGF (a keratin production promoter), Vecorexin (improves delivery of nutrients to the internal layers of the eyelash follicle), Sympeptide 226EL (stimulates gene cells that promote eyelash growth) and biotin (eyelash growth promoter and strengthener).

The two conditioners – allantoin and panthenol – accord protection, nourishment and strength to the eyelashes. Expect to see results within 4 to 6 weeks.

Rigid clinical testing has shown that Metalash does not cause harmful side effects. Plus, they also have a 90 day money back guarantee.


Lilash Eyelash Stimulator is one of the most popular eyelash growth products around. Produce by Cosmetic Alchemy, the product boasts of ingredients that are all natural.

The active ingredients are Lupinus Albus Seed Extract (eyelash growth promoter), Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract (strengthens and protects the eyelashes), Silica (eyelash strengthener) and Panthenol (conditioner and moisturizer).

The advantage of the product is that it is less irritating to the eyes. With regular use, one can expect to see results within 4 to 6 weeks.

Unlike other products, Lilash comes in a large tube, with the contents enough to last for 5 to 6 months.

Unfortunately, Lilash is very expensive. For those who are hypersensitive, irritation can occur in the eyes as well as in the application sites.

Darkening was also noticed on the eye area.

Idol Lash

idol lash review
Idol Lash has been generating a lot of rave reviews from women who have tried out the product.

The ingredients of the product have been specially formulated so that it can directly address five specific problem areas pertaining to the eyelashes, namely growth, thickening, shine/conditioning, moisturization, and the prevention of brittleness.

The ingredients of Idol Lash are reported to come from all-natural sources. Polypeptides stimulate eyelash growth as well as improve on eyelash length, volume and thickness.

It also strengthens each strand to prevent breakage. Proteins and vitamins nourish and strengthen the eyelashes.

Moisturizing agents give the eyelashes their glossy shine and improve their flexibility.

No side effects have been reported with Idol Lash use.

The only complaint that consumers have is that Idol Lash is only available online, and cannot be purchased from their favorite beauty shops.

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