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A lot of women would prefer to have a product that would serve them in more ways than just one.

This is especially true of eyeliners. Eyeliners are originally intended to give a beautiful definition to both the eyes and the eyelashes.

With the development of eyelash growth products, women are searching for the ideal eyelash serum which would combine the properties of an eyeliner as well as growth promotion.

One such product that is hoping to achieve this goal is NYX Long Lasting Waterproof and Smudge Proof Liquid Liner with Grow Lash Serum.
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What is NYX?

nyx-grow-lash-mascaraFrom its name alone, NYX is an eyeliner and eyelash growth product in one.

For now, it only comes in a jet black color.

According to the product information, it will give a lasting definition to the eyes because of its non-irritating, smudge-proof and semi-waterproof formula.

Of course, thanks to its “Grow Lash Serum”, it promises longer, thicker and fuller lashes as you use the eyeliner.

Sounds too good to be true?

Probably, especially if you consider that the product does not outline the complete ingredients list.

Still, it does contain a peptide, which is a common ingredient among eyelash growth product.

It also has copper and arginine which functions to strengthen thinning and brittle lashes. For conditioning and nourishing of the eyelashes, you have panthenol and biotin.

Because this is an eyeliner, you might want to do a skin test first to determine if you are allergic to the color that is added to this product.

How do you apply NYX?

Unlike other eyelash growth products wherein you draw a thin line along the lash roots, NYX requires that you apply the product directly to the lashes from root to tip.

You can re-apply the product as often as you want. Since this eyeliner belongs to NYX’s Pro-Grow line, you can also use their solo Grow Lash Serum (a separate product) by applying along the lash line from the inner to outer eye corners, let it dry, and then apply the NYX Liquid Liner for better results.

The question that everyone wants to ask is this: Does NYX Grow Lash Serum work? Well, not surprisingly, there are two answers to this question.

As an eyeliner, majority of women have been raving about the fact that the product stays on even through sweaty, humid, swimming, and tearing conditions.

Indeed, NYX is a good product for women who want their eyes to look beautiful in all sorts of environments.

There were some, however, who have complaints.

nyxOne had difficulty in applying the product because it is very watery.

Others have found that the product easily washes away, which produced unsightly black streaks.

On the other hand, how does NYX do as an eyelash growth product?

Sad to say, majority of women have noticed no changes in their eyelashes in terms of new growth and length.

There have been a few who noted that their lashes were stronger, thicker and healthier, which can be attributed to the conditioners which have been included in the serum.

If you are looking for an eyeliner, NYX may be a good product to consider, although, again, take note that it is only available in one color.

As an eyelash growth product, it is best to check out other, proven brands.

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