It is the desire of a lot of women to have long, beautiful eyelashes. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of these women are not so blessed.

peter roth to die for

Genetics and/or certain environmental factors have led to their growing short and stubby and/or thin or frail eyelashes. Others may have been blessed in the beginning, but because of aging and abuse of eyelash cosmetics, their lashes have become brittle and prone to breaking. While the ultimate option for them would be to use mascara and eyeliner, these only serve to conceal the lashes’ faults.

Now, a lady will not only be able to beautify her eyelashes, she can also make her lashes grow longer too with the help of Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For The Liner

What is Peter Thomas Roth Lashes

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For The Liner is being marketed as both an eyeliner and an eyelash growth product. It is specially formulated to visibly and dramatically enhance the appearance of the eyelashes in length, thickness and fullness.

These actions are primarily being performed by the active ingredient Sympeptide, which promotes increased growth and improved conditioning of the lashes. You won’t find prostaglandins and their derivatives in this product, so there are no worries about side effects like eyelid discoloration and iris color changes.

There are also no irritating substances like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, triclosan, GMOs, and synthetic fragrances. This makes Lashes To Die For one of the safest products to use.

How to Use ‘To Die For’?

How does one use this product? Obviously, since it is formulated like an eyeliner, you should use it like one. Apply it to the base of your eyelashes with the supplied applicator and draw a thin line. However, it is here where one of the drawbacks of the product lies.

The design of the applicator makes it difficult to form a thin line because it does not absorb enough of the solution. There is also the fact that the solution itself dries very quickly so you would need to make frequent re-dips.

While you can use a separate wand, other women instead adjust their grip on the applicator so that they could draw a line with the middle and end of the brush where much of the solution has been absorbed.

to die for
If you make a mistake in application, you will need to wash your face and eyes. This means product waste and a great bother. But, if you apply it correctly, your eyelashes are enhanced dramatically in appearance. There is also the advantage that the solution dries fast and stays on the lashes for a long period of time.

Clinical trials on Lashes To Die For have documented increase in eyelash length by 46 percent in 2 weeks, 66 percent in 4 weeks, and 73 percent in 6 weeks with regular use.

In reality, however, the results among customers have been mixed. While some have reported lash growth in 2 weeks, others have not seen any notable changes.

Learn more about Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For The Liner today!

Can This Compare with Idol Lash

Idol Lash

FOX TV presents this official assessment about IDOL LASH. I really hope they are legitimate enough for you. Lengthy, gorgeous eyelash are highly desired, but extensions cost around $300 and $75 more per touch up. Numerous lash growing serums happen to be restricted from the market for containing dangerous chemical substances, only one brand name may be all-natural from day one and is highly effective.


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