On this post we will talk about Alice Nouveau. But let me tell you a story and my experience with it too..

It is sooo very difficult having very sensitive, itchy eyes. My eyes get so dry and itchy that you will always find me rubbing my hands over my eyes.

Because of this bad habit, my eyelashes have become so thin and few, and they are constantly falling out.

I must admit that there were times when I would pull at my lashes because the itch is too unbearable. Sadly, my very bad allergies have limited my usage of eyelash growth products.

In fact, I could not use any eyelash growth product without informing my doctor first.

Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum

Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum

While surfing the web for new eyelash growth products to try, I happened to stumble upon Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum.

It was very cheap, costing only $19.49 with free shipping. With further digging, I learned that actual clinical trials were done on the product.

Apparently, increases in eyelash length by about 17 percent and eyelash diameter by about 19 percent were noted in one month. In addition, eyelash volume tripled in a matter of 15 days.

Of course, I heard about other products that promised results in just two weeks which reviewers ultimately proved to be false, so I thought one month to get the desired results seems to be a pretty good thing.

Since my eyelashes at that time were short and stubby from all my scratching, I decided to give the product a try without telling my doctor. Yes, I was that desperate!

Any responsible consumer would always check the ingredients list first and that’s what I did the minute I got my hands on the product I ordered.


The key ingredients listed are Biotin, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), and a mysterious ingredient called Widelash, apparently proprietary substance.

Given the questionable state of my eyes, I decided to look into Widelash or, at the very least, with a more complete enumeration of the ingredients. I hit pay dirt, so here’s the complete ingredients list of Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum

Glycerin is a moisturizing agent that keeps the eyelash follicles hydrated

  • Propanediol = Enhances the absorption of serum ingredients into the skin
  • Propylene Glycol = Enables the active ingredients to penetrate the skin
  • Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) = It is a humectant, which acts to attract and keep in moisture inside the eyelash follicles.
  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 = Conditioning agent for the eyelashes
  • Hyaluronic Acid = Boosts moisture content and prevents dehydration. It also acts as a skin replenisher and an antioxidant against harmful toxins in the environment.
  • Biotin = Also known as Vitamin H, it promotes eyelash growth.
  • Carbomer = Substance responsible for the gel-like consistency of the serum.
  • Triethanolamine = A ph and emulsion stabilizer
  • Phenoxyethanol = A preservative
  • Hexylene Glycol = Allows for the preservation of the product in extreme temperatures. It also promotes penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.
  • Water = Used as a base agent for the ingredients in most eyelash growth products.

This promising set of ingredients does have the properties that not only allow for eyelash growth, but also for the strengthening and conditioning of the eyelashes.

I just couldn’t wait to try it out!

How To Use

eyelash growth serumAccording to the instructions, it is advised that you close your eyes prior to application.

Using the wand, you apply a thin line of the serum to the upper eyelash line, starting from the inner corner of the eye, going to the outer edge, and then back to the inner corner.

Application should be done on a daily basis, preferably at night.

In the first few days of applying the product, thankfully, I didn’t get any allergic reactions.

Anyway, I continued using the product for a full month, and I was pleased with the results.

Not only did I start growing lashes again, any existing eyelashes grew longer. If I looked close into the mirror, I could see tiny new lashes growing along my lash line.

In addition, my eyelashes were also thicker and they are much stronger. They don’t easily break even I rub my eyes.

Since I used the product sparingly so that I still have half a vial left, I decided to extend application beyond one month.

My happiness, however, was short-lived. While I was pleased with the results, I also started noticing that my eyes were feeling very dry.

I did not attribute this at first to the serum because I was prone to dry eyes.But then, one day, my eyelids began to feel very itchy.

Although I tried not to scratch, I soon noticed that my eyes were watering and they were turning red. I decided to go to my ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked.

It turned out I developed a delayed hypersensitivity reaction to the serum. After giving me an allergy shot, the itchiness subsided (although it took 1-2 days before the redness disappeared).

The Verdict

Needless to say, my doctor ordered me to stop using the eyelash growth serum and reminded me again to consult with him before I try out any eyelash products.

Still, despite the attack of my allergies, I can say with absolute certainty that Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum DOES work. My eyelashes indeed grew and increased in volume just as the clinical results on the serum said it would.

If you have short and stubby eyelashes, I highly recommend that you try out Alice Nouveau Lash Enhancing Growth Serum.

One thing that is definitely going for it is its price, which makes it one of the more affordable eyelash growth products around.

HOWEVER, if you happen to be suffering from eye allergies like yours truly, I suggest you skip this product.

But, if the results I got are too enticing for you that you still want to give the product a try, I highly suggest that you do a skin test first prior to use.

Or better yet, consult with your eye doctor so he/she can advise you on whether you should still use the serum or not.

Do you have any experience with this eyelash product? Comment below..

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