During the course of my researching, testing and writing reviews on eyelash growth products, one of the most common errors that these product manufacturers do is NOT putting the ingredients on the packaging and/or labels.

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Anyone who is a meticulous buyer would naturally want to know what herbs and/or chemicals are they putting on their face. Considering that eyelash growth serums are applied on the lashes which are in very close contact with the eyes, one should be more cautious about these products to make sure that they don’t harm both their eyes and their vision.

Sadly, too many people still make that same mistake of not being careful with their purchases. Case in point is my cousin Tania, who decided to try out a product called Andrea Lash Revitalizer. The manufacturer has been hyping that the product can make the upper and lower eyelashes fuller and thicker. Unlike other eyelash growth stimulants, this particular product does not state that it can promote lash growth.

Is the Hype True?

Suffice to say, I decided to check out the ingredients list of Tania’s latest purchase and I did not find any. The only thing listed is the instructions. According to the manufacturer, you first need to clean your face and remove all makeup, eye cosmetics in particular. Next, aandread lash reviepply the product—just one swipe and no more—along the roots of both your upper and lower eyelashes in a sweeping motion as you would your favorite liquid eyeliner.

Since I am still not convinced about Tania’s using this product, I did a little more digging. Sadly, there is no information on when the user will see any results. This simply means that no clinical trials have been done. I also tried to determine that elusive ingredients list, but again, my research proved unsatisfactory. The website itself only stated that the product contained peptides and proteins, but did not enumerate further. Unlike other eyelash products, Andrea Lash Revitalizer can only be purchased from Sally Beauty Store. However, checking the retail site did not reveal the product in their catalog. Tania bought the product from Amazon.

In the end, despite my advice to my cousin not to use it, Tania decided to try it out anyway. The instant she put it on, she yelped out loud, saying that it burns. Not stinging; a strong burning sensation inside her eyes. We spent the next few minutes trying to flush the product out of her right eye and you could just see how red and irritated it was. Needless to say, Tania did not continue using the product again.

To be fair, there were a few reviews in Sally Beauty Store that said that the product produced positive results in 2 weeks. However, most of the reviews in Amazon were not favorable, because of the burning sensation in the eyes that my own cousin experienced firsthand.

Personally, I would not recommend Andrea Lash Revitalizer. I wish the manufacturer had been honest enough to reveal the complete ingredients list so that women—like my cousin Tania—who have sensitive eyes can be forewarned about the possibility of any nasty side effects. Certainly, it’s rather expensive price tag is not worth the eye pain.

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