From my previous reviews of eyelash growth products, you are already aware that I am very reluctant to try out any products without knowing complete information about them. This post is about Avance Eyelash Renewal Serum.

My hesitation grows even more when a product DOES NOT have ANY information at all. This is the case with Avance Eyelash Renewal Regrowth Serum.

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Now, the Avance Serum was originally posted in Amazon at the low price. But, it has since disappeared without a single review to its name. After further checking, I discovered that it was being largely sold by several distributors on Ebay, supplied by the manufactured by the Japanese company Rinato.

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Again, there were no product details except that it is for “hair loss prevention and hair growth promoting.” Not a single ingredient was mentioned, although it has a, surprisingly, strict Shipping and Terms & Conditions policies.

I must confess my initial reaction was that his company certainly had the nerve to make such stringent policies without even being frank about the product that they are selling.

Despite my better judgment, I decided to dish out that $16 in order to try out this product, although it was more of wanting to see if they would stick to their policies.

Luckily, I didn’t have any problems with Customs since I only ordered one bottle.

Since there were no instructions on how to apply the product, I decided to go by the usual, careful way—by simply applying to my upper lashes every night as I would my liquid eyeliner.

Thankfully, there were no stinging or burning sensations, which is a plus for the product.

Avance EyeLash Renewal Regrowth
Avance EyeLash Renewal Regrowth

During the first two weeks, the most noticeable change that I observed in my eyelashes is that they were thicker and stronger than before. No lash strands were on my pillow, and I can tell you that I commonly see between 7 to 8 eyelashes when I wake up in the morning.

Avance EyeLash Renewal Regrowth Serum EX Outcome

It is now obvious that Avance has conditioning ingredients. However, I did not notice any new eyelashes growing nor did I observe my existing lashes having grown longer. I decided to give it a full two months, the length of time for most eyelash growth products to see results.

The two months came and went. While my eyelashes have certainly become thicker and more lush, there were no significant changes in length.

I was especially careful in checking for eyelash growth, but the gaps in between my lashes remained bald. The only reason why my lashes seemed fuller is because the ones that I’ve been growing are thicker than before.

Take note that I’ve asked a mutual friend to try out the product as well. Her lashes are of a tougher sort and rather picky as to which products work on them. Some products that didn’t work on me (like White Teeth’s Eyelash Growth Serum), shockingly, produced positive effects on her. When she used Avance, she did not see any changes at all when it comes to thickness or growth.

While Avance EyeLash Renewal Regrowth may be cheap, it produces mixed results. Better to go for Idol Lash and other products that have truly delivered on their promise of eyelash growth.


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