While most women would want to buy safer eyelash growth products, there are cases wherein it is necessary to go for a prescription preparation. Good examples would be cases of hypotrichosis which would entail direct medical intervention.

Careprost and Latisse

The problem is that the only prescription drug for eyelash growth Latisse is expensive.

Thankfully, for those women wherein the use of a prescription drug is a must, there is a cheaper generic alternative to Latisse, namely Careprost.

Because both Latisse and Careprost contain the active ingredient Bimatoprost, their only intended use is for the promotion of eyelash growth. Do not expect to find any eyelash conditioners in Careprost. In fact, the package only lists “Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%” as the sole ingredient.

carepost generic
The application of Careprost is the same as when you use Latisse. Take one of the supplied disposable eyeliner applicator brushes. Place one drop of Careprost on the brush. Draw a thin line—as thin as possible—along the upper eyelash line, right below the roots of the lashes.

Take a clean tissue and carefully blot off any excess fluids that may have flowed beyond the eyelid. Strictly DO NOT apply the product to your lower eyelash line.

How to Use Careprost

Careprost application is once a day, every evening only. According to the manufacturer, you can expect to see your lashes growing longer in 8 weeks until the desired length is attained within 14 to 16 weeks. Once your eyelashes have reached the desired length, you only need to apply the product once a week in order to maintain the length.

Careprost Ingredients

Since the sole active ingredient of Careprost is Bimatoprost, you should already be wary of any potential side effects that will occur. Prior to use, listen to any further instructions that your doctor may have so that you can prevent any adverse reactions from developing. The reason why the drug is specifically prescription only is for the doctor to monitor how you use the product and any benefit or side effects that will develop from its use.

There are a myriad of side effects that you should watch out for, and they include redness, dryness, burning sensation (as a result of the product getting into the eyes), eye pain, visual disturbances (resulting from the drug’s action of lowering intraocular pressure like in glaucoma), darkening of the eyelids, and discoloration of the iris. If any of these side effects should develop, flush out your eyes immediately with cold water and seek medical consultation.

Like Latisse, Careprost is only a TEMPORARY measure. Once you discontinue use of the product, your eyelashes will go back to their original state.

It cannot be denied that there are many women who have benefited more from the eyelash growth properties of Latisse and its generic counterpart Careprost.

However, the many side effects far outweigh the few temporary benefits. Again, we can only recommend Careprost if you have sought consultation with your doctor and that he or she has confirmed that your eyelash growth problems can only be resolved with use of the drug.

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