During these times when people are on a healthy lifestyle trend, more and more companies are looking into manufacturing cosmetics and similar products that are partially or wholly made from natural ingredients. One such product that is being marketed on the Internet today is the eyelash growth product Cilea Eyelash Enhancing Treatment.


Cilea is being marketed by its manufacturer PureSuasion as enhancing the growth of longer, stronger, healthier and fuller lashes in 4 weeks. How does the product work? According to PureSuasion’s official website, Cilea first stimulates growth at the eyelash follicle level. As new eyelashes grow, the section of the lash situated along the eyelid/eyelash line is strengthened to prevent breakages or eyelash fall outs. With daily use, one can expect to see changes in the eyelashes as early as 2 weeks.

cilea reviewCilea is a mix of natural ingredients and synthetic chemicals, which aid in prolonging the shelf life of the product. Foremost among the ingredients are growth-inducing and last strengthening peptides including Myristoyl Pentapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, and Steareth-20, Depeptide-2. Among the natural ingredients are Curcurbita Pepo (Pumpkin Seed Extract), Camellia Sinensis Leaf (White Tea Extract), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate Extract), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), DL-Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6), Biotin (Vitamin B7), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Xanthan Gum, and Allantoin. Rounding up the synthetic ingredients are Aqua (Deionized Water), Glycerin, Cyclomethicone, Bis-Vinyl Dimethicone, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Polysorbate-20, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylhexylglycerin. While the larger number of peptides and natural ingredients make Cilea relatively safe to use, individuals with known histories of irritation to phenoxyethanol should avoid using this product.

How do you apply Cilea?

Simply apply it to your lashes—along the eyelash line and on the lashes directly—as you would liquid eyeliner and mascara. Make sure that you apply it every evening after washing your face, but the manufacturer claims that you can use it twice a day. However, you should not apply eye cosmetics over the product.

Thankfully, customer testimonials are plentiful especially with regards to Cilea, so I was definitely enticed to try it out. While, personally, Cilea did not work as fast for me—around 3 weeks before I saw any changes in my eyelashes— compared to Idol Lash, I cannot deny that my lashes are thicker and stronger than they were before. Also, the conditioning vitamins gave my eyelashes a glossier sheen. Still, I was rather disappointed that I could not put my favorite eye makeup on top of it. If it were formulated as such, I probably would have used Cilea twice a day and seen faster results.

Another plus for the product is that if you order from the PureSuasian site or their licensed distributors, not only do you get a 60-day money back guarantee, you are also given free gifts if you buy the product in bulk. That is certainly value for your money.

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Idol Lash

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