Confession time! Unlike a lot of women out there, I am not overly fond of going to beauty salons. There is something about hairdressers and beauticians that just annoy me.

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They are always quick to criticize your flaws so that they will be applying all sorts of makeup to your face and make you look—in my opinion—a lot worse than what you normally do. I distinctly remember one disastrous time when I had a beautician argue with me to death that I should wear false eyelashes for a company party because my lashes were too short. Because of much coaxing from a friend whom I was with at that time, I ended up dishing out a few more precious dollars to buy those falsies at the salon, only to have them start drooping while I was talking to a potential client. Suffice to say, I was so embarrassed, I ripped the darned things off.

Apparently, my short lashes are a big issue to other people, but not to me. I’m satisfied with God has given me. Still, there are certain folks—friends and beauticians, in particular—who will not stop until I grow longer lashes. Another trip to a salon led to the resident beauty expert there convincing me to try out this eyelash product called Dream Lash. Much like those endorsers you see in infomercial, he said that Dream Lash will give me longer, thicker, darker and fuller lashes. Since it only cost me $10, I decided to purchase it just to humor the guy. But I decided to do some further research.

What is DreamLash?

dream lash review serumYou can imagine my surprise when I discovered in my research that Dream Lash is NOT an eyelash growth stimulant. The salon beautician was right in saying that use of Dream Lash will lead to “longer, thicker, darker and fuller lashes”. But he was talking about the lashes’ APPEARANCE, which is very different from actual growth enhancement. To further add to my wariness of the product, it does not have a full ingredients list. The only ingredient on the package was cellulose.

Application of the product, according to the manufacturer, is very simple. You simply brush it to your eyelashes like your favorite mascara.

When it finally came time to trying out the product itself, you can only imagine my shock when I discovered that Dream Lash is a mascara, and not an eyelash growth product at all. The cellulose ingredient was all too obvious when I pulled out the wand. It came out in black clumps with fine fibers sticking out of it. Rather than see my measly $10 wasted, I still chose to apply it. Ugh! You can’t believe the huge mess it made on my face and especially my eyes. It even stung my eyes because the fiber particles got inside. I ended up washing my face off completely of this product.

Stick to your regular mascara, ladies! Don’t be tricked by the eyelash growth promises of Dream Lash, even if it is recommended by your local hairdresser and beautician.

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Second Review Article:

Every woman who has a problem with their eyelashes dreams of having gorgeous lashes that adorn the eyes of their favorite celebrities. This is especially the case for women who have short and stubby lashes or those whose eyelashes are fine, brittle and so easy to break or fall out. Sometimes, out of sheer desperation, a lot of women would find themselves trying out the first eyelash growth product which offers promising results. A very good example of such a product is Dream Lash.

According to the manufacturer, Dream Lash helps to enhance the appearance of longer, thicker, darker and fuller lashes. Take note that the keywords here are “enhance the appearance.” There is absolutely no mention of the product causing or promoting eyelash growth.

With this in mind, you are probably wondering what Dream Lash does? The answer to this lies in Dream Lash’s sole ingredient, namely cellulose. As you know, cellulose fibers absorb water so that they increase in volume. In eyelash growth products like Dream Lash, these fibers are applied to the lashes. So when they absorb water from the air and environment, they grow thicker and stronger, thus giving the eyelashes an illusion of increased length, girth, strength and fullness.

Just how do you apply an eyelash product like Dream Lash which contains cellulose? Unlike all regular eyelash growth products wherein you apply it to the base of your lashes, Dream Lash is applied directly to the eyelashes as you would your favorite mascara. This alone already gives you the clear picture that Dream Lash is not an eyelash growth product, but a type of mascara.

Basically speaking, Dream Lash is a quick fix for your eyelash problems. This is also confirmed by the manufacturer who points out that while the results can be observed instantly upon application, these changes are just as quickly lost when you wash the product from your eyes. There are also reports of sensitivity reactions on the eyelids and eyes. So if you have very sensitive skin, I do not advise that you try out this product.

While the product itself is inexpensive, as most mascaras are, a reviewer warns about being careful when ordering the product online. Apparently, the manufacturer is offering a bonus. If you buy a product, you will be given one product free. While the bonus product is free, you will be charged for the shipping and handling of two products. The poor reviewer made the mistake of ordering two bottles (thinking the second one is free), but ended up getting billed for the shipping and handling of 4 bottles, even if 2 are free.

Again, if you are looking for quick fixes for your problematic eyelashes, then Dream Lash may be the ideal product for you. However, for a product containing cellulose alone, you are better off sticking with your favorite mascara. But if you are looking for a REAL eyelash growth product, I highly recommend Idol Lash. Not only is it affordable, it also does work!

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