The Internet being what it is, you find yourself getting deluged with websites and advertisements for beauty products when you do simple search on search engines like Google and Yahoo.


Since I was doing research on eyelash growth products, one such product that caught my eye is EverLASHing by Verseo.

Thankfully, many of the online retailers that have EverLASHING in their catalogues provide the customer with direct links to the Verseo website so that potential buyers, like yours truly, can learn more about the product.

According to the Verseo site, EverLASHing is especially formulated to enhance the growth of longer, stronger and fuller eyelashes. It also conditions the eyelashes so that they are protected against harsh elements in the environment which may hasten breakages. The site also offers a 30-day free trial of the product. If you are happy with the product, you will be charged the full price of $69.95. To further showcase the product’s effectiveness, the website provides clinical results, customer testimonials, and before and after photos. Sounds too good to be true, right? But then, you should start reading the fine print.

everlashingIf you have safety concerns about cosmetics as I do, the first thing that you would look for is the list of ingredients. Unfortunately, the website does not provide such a list. They only mention that EverLASHING contains all-natural peptides and botanicals, which include protein-rich amino acids that promote greater blood flow to the eyelashes, anti-oxidants that accord protection against follicle-damaging free radicals, and follicle-strengthening peptides. The product claims that it does not contain any prostaglandins. However, without a complete ingredients list, in can be very difficult to take the manufacturer’s word for it.

There is also the matter that eyelash improvement can be expected within 4 weeks of regular application—by applying a small amount of the product to the base of the lashes twice a day. Take note though that the 2x a day application is the recommendation of those who have tried out the product, but not by the manufacturer. After letting the product dry, you can begin applying your regular cosmetics.

It can also be used on the eyebrows. While the customer reviews have shown that the product does work within the 4 week period, for best results, you need to continue use. So, once your free trial is up, you will definitely need to purchase a full tube, which may be expensive on one who is living on a tight budget. Even if you want to continue using EverLASHing, the website does not offer discounts if you buy two or more tubes. Then again, one tube can supposedly last for 3 to 6 months, but this would depend upon how you apply and how often you use the product.

Although the price is rather hefty, I decided to avail of the free trial. In my case, however, visible changes in my lashes occurred after I have nearly consumed my free trial, which is around the third week. I found this pretty slow, especially if you compare it to other eyelash growth products that promise results within two weeks. Definitely, I decided not to avail of the full tube any longer.

Learn more about EverLASHing today!

How About Idol Lash

Idol Lash

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