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Not all women are blessed with full, luxurious eyelashes. Because of this, they are searching for products that will not only help them grow longer lashes, but also make sure that their eyelashes are strong and not prone to breaking or falling out.


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One such product that is being marketed as being capable of delivering on these specific needs is GrandeLASH-MD.

What is Grandelash-MD

GrandeLASH-MD is a product of the company known as GrandeNaturals LLC.

It is a relatively new company that manufactures health and beauty products.

Aside from this, no other information is provided about the company. You can check the website out for yourself at

GrandeLASH-md boasts a number of natural ingredients. This could be an eyelash growth serum that works.

These would include chamomile and bearberry extracts to maintain eyelash follicle health, grape seed extract to strengthen the eyelashes, and Vitamins A and C to repair the lashes. There are also a number of synthetic ingredients.


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Methylamido Dihydro boosts eyelash growth.

Panthenol and hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans aid in moisturizing and conditioning each eyelash strand.

Palmitoyl-pentapeptide 4 also strengthens the eyelashes while palmitoyl-hexapeptide gives each lash a glossy shine.

Last but not least you have Noralfoprostal which reduces follicle inflammation which may cause the eyelashes to fall out.

Clinical Trial Results

Clinical trials have been performed on the product, showing significant results within 30 to 40 days of use. ]

The formulation is safe for use by both men and women and it can be used on the upper and lower eyelashes as well as the eyebrows.

At the price of $50, it is one of the cheaper eyelash growth products currently on sale in the market today. Plus, the product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with it.

How To Use Grande Lash MD

To use GrandeLASH-MD, simply apply it like liquid eyeliner. Apply the product to the upper and lower eyelid lash lines every night before going to bed.

The manufacturer stresses that you only need to dip the applicator once in the bottle and apply the solution to both eyes. Be careful that you don’t get the product into your eyes.

Although there are no reported major side effects with GrandeLASH-MD use, some women have claimed that they experienced stinging and burning sensations when the product got into their eyes.

This is easily remedied by flushing out the eyes with cold water. Other individuals reported skin irritation which went away after 3 to 5 days.

Some reviewers go so far as to say that they don’t recommend GrandeLASH-MD in individuals with sensitive eyes and skin.

While the clinical trials mentioned in the official site showed results within 30 to 40 days, other women noted that they only noticed changes after 10 weeks or more.

There were even some who did not observe any visible changes at all.

It is also important to mention that tests on the product are not yet completed, so that pregnant women and those who are undergoing chemotherapy are not recommended to use GrandeLASH-MD.

Learn more about GrandeLASH-MD through the many consumer reviews on the Internet today!

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