There was a time when women would use false eyelashes and eyelash extensions in order to make their short lashes appear longer. Unfortunately, however, these fake lashes and the glue used to put them on cause serious damage to the natural lashes, making them more fragile, dry and brittle.

In fact, some women have discovered to their horror that their lashes have fallen out, having stuck with the extensions. In the case of Happy Paris Eyelash Eyebrow Enhancing Lengthening Growth Serum, the manufacturer claims that women can now kiss those troublesome extensions goodbye.

What is Happy Paris Eyelash Serum

Happy Paris is an eyelash growth product which promises longer, thicker and darker lashes in just 7 days. This makes the product ideal for women with short, sparse and thin eyelashes. With religious application, you will soon find yourself throwing away those extensions that you’ve been using.

Active Ingredients

Very little detail is given about the product’s ingredients. Its active ingredient is a substance called enzyme “EPM“.

According to the product blurb, EMP consists of ten amino acids that are the building blocks of human tissue protein.

Acting together with Hair Follicle Growth Factor, Happy Paris activates dormant hair follicles and induces the rapid growth of eyelashes. The only other ingredient in the product is distilled water.

Clinical studies done on Happy Paris have reportedly revealed a 100 percent success rate, with the average lash growth pegged at 56 percent. Darkening of the lashes is expected after 7 days and increased length and density between 10 to 15 days.

How To Use Happy Paris

The application of Happy Paris is a bit more complicated compared to other products. Wash your face and remove all eye makeup as well as contact lenses. Dry the face thoroughly.

The manufacturer recommends that a hot compress first be placed over the eyes prior to application. This is actually an excellent recommendation because a warm compress helps promote increased blood circulation to the eyes and eyelids, allowing for better absorption of the product.

Once your eyes have been sufficiently warmed (around 5 minutes would be enough), draw a thin line of the product along the roots of your eyelashes. Close your eyes for 2 minutes to allow for full absorption of the serum.

Do this procedure in the morning and before going to bed during the first month, after which you can just apply it every evening.


Since Happy Paris is a relatively new product, there are still very few reviews. However, the reviews that are available have been very positive. Indeed, most women have noticed first a darkening in their eyelashes during the first week of use of the product. By the third and fourth weeks, their lashes have grown longer and fuller.

happy paris eyelash

There is one reviewer though who has noticed occasions of itchiness in her eyelids. Other times, she noticed that her lashes have a dry rubber cement feel, which can possibly be attributed to the amount of product that has been applied to the lashes. However, the itchiness is a symptom which could not be ignored. While it is advisable to try this product out since it is affordable at $27.06, it is best to perform a skin sensitivity test first prior to application.

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