There are a lot of ladies who have spent countless hours searching online looking for a product to enhance the length of your eyelash, to make them feel confident and sexy.

Fake eyelashes and mascara are such a time consuming pain!Women who have heard about Idol Lash would naturally want to read Idol Lash reviews to learn more about this impressive product.


Should You Buy Idol Lash?

That is basically the question you are asking yourself that’s why you are looking for other people who actually used the product and gave their feedback.

On this post let me share with you those review.

Idol Lash Reviews

All’s Good

Although there are relatively few customer reviews of the product, practically all of those were unanimously POSITIVE!

You should also consider that Idol Lash is a new product but there are 100% positive reviews.. so far.

What People Are Saying – Reviews

Idol Lash is one of a few all-natural products that are available in the market today.

It is also the most well rounded among the its competitors in the eyelash growth serum category because it specifically addresses the main concerns that women have about their lashes.


These concerns include the following…

  • Promotion of eyelash growth
  • Improving eyelash strength, thickness and volume
  • Moisturizing the eyelashes to give them that healthy shine
  • Prevention of brittleness and falling eyelashes

Idol Lash Active Ingredients

idol lash reviews

Idol Lash’s active ingredients are

  • wheat germ acid and oil,
  • nettle extract,
  • alfalfa extract,
  • chamomile,
  • honey extract,
  • arnica extract,
  • bitter orange flower oil,
  • jojoba seed oil, and
  • kelp extract.

These ingredients and more have the following functions…

Natural extracts – stimulates eyelash growth

Polypeptides – improve length, thickness, and volume of each eyelash. It also protects the eyelashes so that they are less prone to breakage.

Proteins and vitamins – help in nourishing as well as rejuvenating the eyelashes. They also make the eyelashes shiny and glossy.

Moisturizing agents – increase the flow of water and nutrients to the eyelashes. The moisture is locked in, making the eyelashes more elastic and durable. It prevents the eyelashes from becoming brittle.


You apply Idol Lash as you would your regular liquid eyeliner. Simply apply the solution to the base of the lashes once a day every day. Unlike other products that promise results within 4 to 8 weeks, Idol Lash guarantees that you will see positive changes in your eyelashes in 2 to 4 weeks.

This is based on clinical testing, wherein 82 percent of the women who tried out the product showed significant improvement in their eyelashes in only 2 to 3 weeks of use. Click here and Get Your 2 FREE sample right now!

All of the natural ingredients arguably make Idol Lash the safest eyelash growth product to use at the present time. The ingredients are guaranteed to be non-carcinogenic. There are also no prescription drugs or human growth hormone factors included.

Other products have shown side effects, ranging from eye redness and irritation, skin itching, to discoloration of the skin and the iris (usually due to the addition of irritating substances like sodium chloride, paraben, and perfumes).

No such side effects were noted with regular Idol Lash use (although the company that manufactures it still strongly recommends that women do a skin test first before using the product just to make sure that no allergic reactions will develop).

Idol Lash: The Cons

The downside to Idol Lash is that you cannot find it on the shelves of your favorite beauty shops.

Where to Buy Idol Lash?

It can only be purchased directly at their website at While there are websites that purportedly claim to be selling/distributing the product, to prevent yourself from getting scammed and injuring your eyes and eyelashes in the process, it is best to order the product directly from the official product.

More Customer Reviews

The above review is a personal experience that I had which I wanted to share with you guys. I am sure you are still hesitant if this product will work for you. No one knows until you try it, right? You can get 2 FREE Trial bottles right now and see for yourself.

If you need more testimonials, I have gathered some great reviews from actual users and customers of Idol Lash. Most of these are 4 to 5 star reviews in Amazon but I also checked some privately owned blog sites that offers or shared their own review of Idol lash.

Did Not Follow Directions

Ms. Nicola D. Warner gave Idol Lash 5 stars from Amazon.

She mentioned that she did not even follow the directions from the leaflet but she did notice a great change in her eyelashes.

My friend applied it morning and evening. She also noticed that the eyelashes became more darker and having a fair color hair, this is a great thing for her as well.

Another thing, she did mentioned that what she experienced may not be applicable to all but her reviews only show that it did work and deliver what it promises.

The next reviewer from Amazon is from a user called ‘Lulu’. We will share her experience with Idol Lash soon!

Let this Idol Lash review help guide you in making a decision on purchasing one of the best eyelash growth products in the beauty market today!

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