Women who have cancer know how chemotherapy can wreak its toll on hair. Many have found themselves not only losing their hair, but their eyelashes and eyebrows as well.

It is not surprising, therefore, that they are always researching on safe products that they could use while on treatment which will help them restore the hair and lashes that they have lost.

If you have cancer and you have lost your eyelashes from chemotherapy, one product you might want to consider is Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes.

Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes Review

Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes is only one of two products that I’ve seen which has been highly recommended by older aged women and those with cancer.

Still, the product is recommended for use among younger women as well. According to the product’s official website, it helps in promoting the life span of short and thin eyelashes.

It also improves the texture and shine of lashes while preventing breaking and lash fallouts.

Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes is specifically indicated for sparse and dull-looking and thin, brittle eyelashes.

Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes

Image Skin Care Ageless Ingredients

Like Fortelash, the active ingredient of Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes is Follicusan which stimulates new hair eyelash growth by promoting increased collagen synthesis.

Among cancer patients, Follicusan helps prevent alopecia and eyelash loss from progressing during chemotherapy.

It also contains natural extracts which nourish and moisturize the eyelash strands.

These natural ingredients include Clotsfoot Flower Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract and Cinchona Succirubra Bark Extract.

Hydrolyzed soy protein repairs damaged eyelash strands by increasing their moisture retention and tensile strength.

No other ingredients were listed by the official website and on Amazon.

In the event of possible allergic reactions, it is recommended that you perform a skin sensitivity test first before using the product.

How To Use Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes

Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes is applied in the morning and evening. Swipe a thin line of the product on the base of the eyelashes.

The manufacturer advises that use of the product be discontinued in case redness and other signs of eye irritation develop.

Testimonials from women who have used the product were very positive. Most of the women who have tried out Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes are above the age of 50 and have very thin and sparse eyelashes.

With daily use of the product, they have observed their lashes growing longer and thicker, with best results achieved after using it for 8 months.

Take note that while this may seem rather slow for younger women, 8 months is a reasonable amount of time for older aged women.

There are also cancer patients who have reviewed the product and have found lash fallout to have significantly decreased while using it during the course of their chemotherapy.

When they have finished with their treatments, continuous use of the product not only helped them to restore their eyelashes, but also enabled them to grow lashes that are longer, stronger and healthier than before.

Of course, there are a few women who have reported that the product did nothing for them. Still, despite these negative reviews, it is still worth giving Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes a try.

With a price tag, the product is affordable enough to warrant a trial.

Who knows? If you have lost your eyelashes to chemo or old age, you may find yourself regaining what you have lost with Image Skin Care Ageless Lashes.

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