Eyelash growth product manufacturers will do everything to get potential buyers to purchase their products. A good example of such a product is Lash 28.

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Lash 28 Review

The first thing you will probably wonder is why the product is named “Lash 28”. According to the manufacturer, Lash 28 guarantees longer, fuller, and shinier lashes within 28 days of regular use. So from its name alone, the product is guaranteed to act fast and is convenient to use.

lash 28If you read the product information, you will learn that Lash 28 is “all-natural”, making it hypo-allergenic. However, it would have been better if the manufacturer had clearly itemized the ingredients that are contained in the product. Instead, they mention Lash 28 to contain a “BioBoost Complex”, which consists of natural phytohormones and bio-transformed ginger root, which help in nourishing the eyelash follicles so that the growth of longer, thicker and healthier lashes is assured.

For those individuals who are concerned about GMOs, they might question what “bio-transformed ginger root” actually means. Rounding up the natural ingredients are eyelash-conditioning olive oil and jojoba, moisturizing Panthenol (Vitamin B5), and antioxidant Vitamin E.

One may look at these claims with some dubiousness. It is a fact that most “all-natural” products don’t work as fast if you compare them to those lash stimulants which partially contain chemical compounds. The only “all-natural” product that I’ve seen actually works fast is Idol Lash. Still, curiosity prompted me to try out Lash 28, despite its rather pricey cost of $75.

According to the instructions, Lash 28 is applied just like your favorite liquid eyeliner—brush a small amount at the base of your lashes before bedtime. Having very sensitive eyes, thankfully, I did not experience any burning sensations or other signs of irritation when I applied Lash 28. Although the manufacturer said to use the product only in the evening, I think you can use Lash 28 in the morning as well because it dries really fast, enabling you to put on eye makeup after the serum has dried on your lashes.

Does Lash 28 really work?

The question that begs to be asked is: Does Lash 28 really work? Keeping in mind the 28 day period that the manufacturer claimed that the product will produce results, I decided to observe the changes in my lashes when I wake up in the morning. Take note that my lashes are thin and fine, with some patches of baldness in between.

I must confess that I was expecting fast results similar to Idol Lash, so I was rather disappointed when I did not see any visible changes around the second week of application. However, by the prescribed 28th day, I did see small, new lashes growing in the bald spots. It took 4 to 6 weeks for my new lashes to grow. But were they longer? Unfortunately, the answer is no. They did not grow any longer than the usual. Plus, I did not notice any increase in thickness in my lashes. The only advantage that I observed was that Lash 28 helped to grow new lashes in the spots where there were none.

Given its hefty price tag, I would not advise purchasing Lash 28, especially considering that there are other products like Idol Lash, which are not only “all-natural”, but are tried and proven to work.

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