There are some women in whom poor eyelash growth and lash quality are not the only problems. These ladies also have thin, sparse and fragile eyebrows.

Because they are facing a double dilemma, they are hard-pressed to find a solution to their problems before the condition of their lashes and brows deteriorate to the point that it diminishes their facial beauty.

In these cases, women prefer to buy lash and brow treatment kits. But these kits are too few and can be very expensive. One good example of such a treatment set is Lash & Brow Relonge.

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What is Lash and Brow Relonge

lash relongeLash & Brow Relonge are specially formulated conditioners that promote the growth of longer, stronger, fuller and darker eyelashes and eyebrows. Based on the clinical tests conducted on the kit, positive results are expected within 4 to 6 weeks of regular application.


The ingredients of both the lash and brow conditioners are the same, namely Hyaluronic Acid, ProVitamin B5, Biotin, Pumpkin Seed Extract, and Allantoin.

The actions of these ingredients were previously discussed in my review on the solo Lash Relonge product.

While one can readily assume that the lash conditioner in this kit is the same, the formulation of the brow conditioner should be different.

The reason for this is that the skin of the eyebrows is much thicker than that of the eyelids.

While it would take only a small amount of conditioner to be absorbed by the lashes, in the eyebrows, you not only need to apply more, the formulation should be concentrated enough in order for sufficient uptake by the brow follicles.

This would necessitate the addition of other potent ingredients. However, same as with the solo lash conditioner, the full list of ingredients is not disclosed, thus putting its safety and effectiveness into question.

How to Use Lash and Brow Relonge

Application of Lash Relonge is the same as liquid eyeliner; draw a thin line at the base of your upper eyelashes.

Brow Relonge, on the other hand, requires that you thoroughly clean and dry your eyebrows first.

Next, apply a thin amount at the base of the eyebrow strands. Some women also apply the product directly to the eyebrows themselves.

50254_123011291085026_285_nSo, you are probably wondering does the product work. Unfortunately, same as the solo Lash Relonge, the reviews were resoundingly negative. Majority did not see any results within the 4-6 week period.

Because of its prohibitive cost, these women are unwilling to spend more money to prolong treatment or even go so far as to demand a refund.

Despite claims of the manufacturer that the kit is safe to use, there have been reported side effects.

Some reviewers claimed that they experienced burning sensations in the eyes upon application, as well as the development of redness. Others developed severe itchiness and swelling, characteristic of hypersensitivity reactions.

Some tried to stick with using the product despite the allergies because they were seeing some results, but in the end, they decided to discontinue use.

Women who have previously been using other eyelash growth products with slow results found, to their horror, their new growing lashes falling out when they switched to Lash & Brow Relonge.

I recommend that you think twice before using Lash & Brow Relonge. But if you want to do try it, do a skin sensitivity test first and/or stop using your eyelash growth product for a month before applying.

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