Searching for a good eyelash growth product is already quite a challenge, considering just how many such products are being introduced into the market these days. However, the search becomes akin to looking for a needle in a stack if you are on the lookout for quality eyelash growth products. I could not emphasize it enough when I say that “high quality” does not necessarily equate with safety. So, as meticulous and as determined you are to find that quality eyelash growth product, you should make sure to check the ingredients list and, more so, perform a skin sensitivity test before using it. You should keep this in mind if you are planning to buy the product known as Lash Relonge.

What is Lash Relonge

Lash Relonge is not being marketed as a strictly eyelash growth stimulant, but as an eyelash conditioner. Its high quality ingredients have been specially formulated and clinically tested as to promote the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker and darker lashes.

Women with short and stubby eyelashes can expect to see longer lashes in 4-6 weeks of regular use of the product. The manufacturer also guarantees that you won’t have to use mascara or false eyelashes any longer because of the increased volume and girth of your lashes, making them appear fuller.

Lash Relonge Ingredients

There are only five ingredients listed on Lash Relonge’s package, the actions of which are explained. First, you have Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturizer which stimulates blood flow to the lashes and promotes water absorption from the environment to make each lash strand stronger, healthier and shinier. Biotin strengthens and protects the eyelashes against fallouts and breakages by improving elasticity at the lash cortex. ProVitamin B5 acts by strengthening and moisturizing the eyelash strands. Pumpkin Seed Extract nourishes and fortifies the eyelashes to replenish volume that has been lost through physical and environmental factors. Finally, Allantoin protects and soothes the eyelid margins from which the lashes sprout.

Same as your regular liquid eyeliner, apply the product—a thin line of it will do—along the roots of the upper eyelashes every night before going to bed. Do not apply on the lower lashes.

It is sad, however, that majority of the reviews have been negative. There were a handful of women who saw growth of longer lashes within the 4-6 week period. One such reviewer was a 64-year old woman who not only grew longer lashes, but also saw a significant reduction in fallouts. However, most women did not see any changes in their lashes even after using the product beyond two months.

Others who have been using other eyelash products (with already existing gains) such as Latisse and Revitalash saw themselves losing all the new lashes that have been growing when they switched to Lash Relonge and had to start all over again. Others also reported allergic reactions. Such results are disappointing especially since the product costs $60.

While we cannot just dismiss the positive claims offhand, if you are using another product, do not apply Lash Relonge. If you want to give Lash Relonge a try, discontinue use of your previous product for a month before application.

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