I must confess that I am particularly wary of using any product that reportedly contains gold. With the notable exception of the company Gold Cosmetica, which conducts clinical studies on the safety of their gold-containing cosmetics, I am leery of other companies that incorporate god in their products. Let’s face it. Gold is a substance whose toxic effects on the body have not been fully studies. There are even some women who suffer from allergic reactions to gold. Now, you have an eyelash growth product that contains 24K gold. I’m talking about Lashes of Arabia.

What is Lashes of Arabia

According to its manufacturer, Lashes of Arabia is a special formulation that will promote the growth of eyelashes as well as strengthen each lash strand to prevent breaking or fall outs. It is said that you can expect to see results within 4 to 6 weeks.

Sadly, none of the retail sites for this product have presented the complete ingredients. They only state that it contains a special blend of Arabic oils, natural extracts and vitamins, particularly Vitamin E which fights off the aging effects of free radicals. Of course, the manufacturer also says that the product contains 24K gold, but they do not say what role the gold plays in the growth of eyelashes.

What is disappointing about this product is that it does not have any reviews at all, even on Amazon. I would have balked at the idea at trying out this product if it were not for the simple matter that the price was slashed from its original $100+ price tag to just $24.98.

How to Use Lashes of Arabia

So, how do you apply the product? Just like any other liquid eyeliner, you brush a very small amount of the product along the base of your upper eyelashes. It does not say if you can use it during daytime, so I limited application to before bedtime. Sadly, the product did not sting on first application. I flushed out my eyes the first time before re-applying it again, this time, with no untoward effects. I continued application of the product for a good two months, the maximum at which you can see results.

The question you are probably asking now is: How did Lashes of Arabia do for you? Let me summarize it for you in just one word: Nothing! Well, perhaps maybe nothing. I did observe my eyelashes growing thicker and stronger. There was a time when I would wake up in the morning to find 2 to 3 eyelashes on my pillow. But there were no such fall outs when I started using this product. But, when it came to eyelash growth, I did not see any new lashes growing even after 2 months. I don’t know if I had periods of sensitivity, but there were times when I would again experience the stinging sensation and my eyes would become red. Thankfully, it was not that serious. The redness disappeared as soon as I wash my eyes and face. However, if you are expecting to look like Nefertiri or Cleopatra, don’t go expecting too much.

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