Produced by Allergan (the pharmaceutical company that developed Botox), Latisse is currently the only FDA-approved and doctor-prescribed eye enhancement product. It is used in the treatment of a diagnosed condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes (or abnormal or very sparse growth of the eyelashes).

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Latisse Active Ingredients

The active ingredient of Latisse is Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is originally used in the treatment of glaucoma and in the management of ocular pressure.

Glaucoma patients who are using the product have observed the side effect of increased growth of their eyelashes.

LATISSE REVIEWSBecause of this, Allergan has reformulated Latisse as an eyelash growth enhancer.

Other ingredients of Latisse include benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride and sodium phosphate, citric acid, dibasic and purified water.

How do you use Latisse? According to the product information, you just need to apply the solution once a day at the upper eyelash line with sterile, disposable applicators for at least 8 weeks.

It is only after 8 weeks/ 2 months that you will notice visible changes in your eyelashes. You SHOULD NOT apply Latisse to the lower eyelid.

With a price tag of $120, Latisse may be a bit expensive for some women. But, it is less pricey in comparison to their over-the-counter cosmetic counterparts.

Unfortunately, because its active ingredient is Bimatoprost, you can only purchase the product with a prescription from your dermatologist and/or ophthalmologist.

The product itself requires strict monitoring by a physician because it produces a number of side effects.

The most common side effects noted include dryness, redness, itching and irritation of the eyes.

In some cases, the eyes and/or eyelids become swollen or infected. Some women have noted hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin around the site of application.

Women who are particularly sensitive to benzalkonium chloride complain of stinging sensations and allergic reactions.

In more severe cases, the product resulted in the eyelashes falling out and increased brown discoloration of the colored part of the eye (which is permanent).

The results of Latisse application are mixed. Some women have reported eyelash growth within the prescribed time of 8 weeks.

In others, it took a very long time for any changes in the eyelashes to be noticed. The longest reported is 4 months.

Latisse also requires continuous use. If you stop applying the product, your eyelashes will gradually go back to their previous appearance.

Unfortunately, there are other cons to Latisse.

As was mentioned earlier, you can only purchase Latisse if you have a prescription for your doctor.

This means, you will need to be checked out first if you really have hypotrichosis which would require treatment with Bimatoprost.


You are likely to see Latisse being “sold” by distributors.

Take note that these so-called “Latisse” products are highly likely to be fake, and you might end up not only losing your eyelashes, but damaging your eyes in the product.

My Experience with Latisse Video

You should only buy Latisse from the drug store. Also, because it is a prescription product, you won’t be able to find discount coupons for it anywhere.

However, if you are undergoing Botox treatments, you can ask your doctor if your treatment package comes with Latisse as a free gift.

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