If you have been trying out one eyelash growth product after another, you would probably know by now that most of these products are specially formulated as a serum. The reason why these products are commonly in serum form is to make it easily absorb-able by the eyelash follicles. Combination eyelash growth/mascara products that contain cellulose have tiny fibers (which absorb moisture in the air and increase in size, thus giving volume to the lashes) which can make the product thick and clumpy when applied to the lashes. However, there is only one eyelash product that I’ve come across that is formulated as an oil, and this is Long ‘N Strong Eyelash Oil

What is Long ‘N Long Eyelash Oil?

Long ‘N Strong Eyelash Oil is being manufactured by Rush Industries, which is more popularly known for its military accessories, jewelry, shape wear, and flowers and plants for gardening. Given the high sales that can be obtained from the cosmetics market, the company has launched their own health and beauty line, with Long ‘N Strong Eyelash Oil being one of its major products.

It should be emphasized first that customers should be cautious when making a purchase from retail sites other than the Rush Industries website. The company, you see, is also selling a hair growth product called Long ‘N Strong. Make sure that you are buying the eyelash oil which comes in a small silver vial rather than the hair growth product, which is in a large bottle.

Rush Industries does not have a complete list of ingredients. It only states that the product is an anti-oxidant blend of vitamins and extracts that will help your eyelashes to grow longer, stronger, fuller and sexier. If you are a customer with a history of hypersensitivity, it can be risky to try out a product that does not fully disclose its ingredients. So, if you want to check this product out, do a skin sensitivity test first. While the manufacturer claims that the product guarantees results in just a few weeks, it does not specify how many weeks, not like other products. Also, there are no clinical studies done on Long N’ Strong, again which puts its safety and effectiveness in question.

How to Use

To apply Long ‘N Strong, you simply use it as you would your favorite eyeliner. Swipe a very thin line along the base of your eyelashes and directly over your lashes during the day before applying makeup and before going to bed.

Not surprisingly, there are practically very little reviews on this product, both in the Rush Industries website as well as retail sites including Amazon. There is only one review in Amazon written by a woman who tried it out, only to be disappointed because the oily formulation makes it very easy for the product to seep into the eyelids and into the eye while sleeping.

Further digging into other retail sites revealed that the product did not work for the reviewer at all, despite using it regularly. Same as with the Amazon reviewer, another woman complained about the oiliness of the product and how it can leave a mess after applying eye makeup. The only thing going for the product is its price. But the lack of reviews, with the very few of them all negative, may want to think twice before buying this product.

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