Women who do most of their cosmetics and beauty products shopping on are likely to read about LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance.

LUCA is a relatively new product. In fact, very few women have heard about it outside of Amazon.

But those who have purchased the product have given it glowing reviews.

LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance – Review

What is Luca Lash?

First of all, what is LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance and what makes it special compared to other brands of eyelash enhancement products that are currently flooding the beauty and cosmetics products?

In its Amazon page, LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance is being touted as “the most advanced eyelash conditioning and enhancement technology available“.

This claim is largely due to its active ingredient Myristoyl pentapeptide-17, which promotes eyelash growth.

LUCA guarantees that it does not contain prostaglandins or its derivatives, such as isopropyl cloprostenate, making it safe for use.

It also contains a number of natural ingredients.

luca lash reviews
The ingredients that specifically promote conditioning of the eyelashes are Green and White Tea, Aloe, Chamomile and Cucumber. You also have Vitamins A, C and E which aid in repairing and strengthening each eyelash strand.

How to use LUCA Lash?

How do you use LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance?

Like liquid eyeliner, you simply apply the product to the upper and lower eyelash line before going to bed every night.

Just make sure that you remove all makeup and creams and clean the area prior to application. You can also apply LUCA Lash during the daytime.

But it is important that the product is already completely dry before you put on makeup and other cosmetics.

Trials on the product showed that you can expect results within 2 to 6 weeks of daily use.

At this point in time, reviews on LUCA Lash are relatively few, but they are definitely promising.

Women with short, dry and brittle lashes have observed their eyelashes growing longer and fuller in just a few weeks of use.

Some women who especially have bald spots in their upper and lower eyelids notice small, new eyelashes growing in the area.

Although some women have reported a stinging sensation in their eyes, most reviewers did not notice any such irritations at all.

For women with sensitive eyes, a reviewer recommends that you keep your eyes closed while the product is drying so that the solution does not get into the eyes.

Although it is a bit expensive for some at $80 – with $20 savings – one bottle of LUCA Lash can last for 3 months.

In addition, researchers have shown that the product can also be used on the eyebrows.

A definite plus for LUCA Lash is that it is one of very few eyelash growth products that are being recommended for use in cancer patients.

As you know, cancer patients suffer hair and eyelash loss as a result of chemotherapy and other treatments.

Women cancer patients who have tried out LUCA Lash noticed that they are growing thicker, fuller eyelashes to replace what they have lost during therapy.

Aside from Amazon, cancer patients can purchase the product through CancerShop USA.

Learn more interesting information about LUCA Lash Eyelash Enhance today!

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