Have you ever experienced discovering a product that actually works for you, only to have it later recalled because it causes a number of side effects? Later, a new reformulated version of the product comes out. Naturally, you are dying to try it out, only to find out that it does not work as well as the previous product. Such is the case with Jan Marini Lash.

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Jan Marini Lash Reviews

It is just amazing. I used to applied mascara. But after used Jan Marini eye-lash about two weeks, I clearly to see my lashes becoming longer and thicker than before. This is a great product. This time it saves a lot money on duo package – Testimonial by Lina (www.amazon.com)

When the Jan Marini Company came out with the Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner, it proved to be a hit among women because it successfully allowed for the growth of luxurious eyelashes.

However, reports of side effects – including eye color change, decreased vision, eye damage, and blindness – began to trickle in, which led to its immediate recall by the FDA.

The problematic ingredient was later on discovered to be prostaglandins.

However, because of the continued demand for the product, the company came out with Jan Marini Lash, this time, without the prostaglandins.

The question is: Does the new product live up to the promise of eyelash growth which was previously fulfilled by the much older, but more dangerous, product?

The NEW Marini Lash no longer contains the harmful prostaglandins.

Instead, it contains natural ingredients, such as biotin, cinnamon, white tea and horse chestnut, which promote eyelash growth, moisturizers (namely hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans and sodium hyaluronate), synthetic peptides, and fatty acids.

The fatty acids aid in the repair of dry and brittle eyelashes.

The advantage to the new Marini Lash is that it can be used by people who wear contact lenses and it is available in 0.08 and 0.23 ounce sizes.

You only apply a small amount of the product to the upper eyelash line along the roots, same as you would put on eyeliner.

I have naturally long lashes anyway, but they are thin and light in color. After six weeks of using this product I have noticed that my lashes are even longer and there are a lot more of them. In addition, my lashes are a lot more curled. I don’t even need an eyelash curler anymore. I know it takes a few months to see the full effects, but I am already very happy with the results. HOWEVER – The seller only sent me one of the two tubes that I paid for and never responded when I contacted them. I had to file a claim with the site. Buy the product, but not from these guys. – Testimonial by A. Bouvia (www.amazon.com)

The problem with Marini Lash is that contains parabens and other substances that may cause eye irritation.

In fact, some people have noticed stinging or burning sensations when the product gets in the eye.

It is not recommended to apply Marini Lash when you have an existing eye infection or irritation.

If burning sensation is felt, the eyes should be rinsed immediately with cold water and then checked by an ophthalmologist.

Another problem with Marini Lash is that it has produced very mixed results when it comes to eyelash growth. Some people have noticed that their eyelashes have grown longer and become less dry.

But a large number did not notice any noticeable difference in their eyelashes. Those who did see results had to wait for 3 weeks to notice them.

Women who used the product for longer than one year noticed their eyelashes becoming so dry that they soon started falling out.

Sadly, many reviews have stated that Marini Lash is a mediocre product when compared to its predecessor.
There is also the matter of price. Jan Marini Lash costs between $50 and $150, although special offers are given if you order directly from their website.

Still, this price tag is too steep, especially when there are cheaper, more effective eyelash growth products that are available in the market today.

Let this Marini Lash review help guide you on whether or not this is a product you should purchase for your personal use!

Here are some more testimonial from “Real” users of this product. I included both the negative and good reviews. I hope that their experiences will help you make the right choice.

This product did not burn my eyes nor did they swell. I notice that my eyelashes were growing within 2 weeks. I will not go back the prescription serum that burned and turned my eyelids dark purple. – Barb (www.amazon.com)

Video Review – in the News

And finally, check out this ‘review’ of the product – a news piece featuring the Jan Marini Eyelash



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