A friend came to me the other day with a question. She was asking me if I knew where she could buy Miralash.

Apparently, it was gifted to her by an aunt living abroad, but now that she has ran out of it, she was interested in buying a new one.

Not having heard of Miralash before, I decided to do a little digging.

What is Miralash – A Review

Miralash is a conditioning set for the eyelashes and eyebrows.

According to previous ads of the product, it promises to increase the length, girth and strength of the eyelashes and eyebrows dramatically so that you no longer need to apply lash extensions or wear false eyelashes.

It also makes the eyelashes and eyebrows more resilient against environmental damage.

Results are expected within 2 to 3 weeks of regular use of the product.

Unfortunately, through my research on Miralash Conditioning System, I was not able to find a complete ingredients list.


They only mentioned that the product contains “peptides” and botanicals which will promote growth, strengthening and thickening of the lash and brow hairs.

For people with known hypersensitivities, such an uninformative ingredients list is a major point against the product.

The Miralash Conditioning System consists of three components, namely an eyelash conditioner, an eyebrow conditioner, and a Miralash Curler.

The first thing to do is to apply the eyelash conditioner.

Using the supplied application wand, swipe the upper lashes with the product as you would your favorite liquid eyeliner.

How to Use Miralash

It is advisable to alternate the direction of application.

For example, if today you apply the product from the outer corner of your lashes going to the inner part, the next day, you should start from the inner part going to the outer corner.

This would allow for the conditioner to be evenly distributed along the lashes. Next, take the eyebrow conditioner.

Apply a very thin amount to the areas in your eyebrows which are thinning or have very few hairs.

Finally, instead of using your regular curler, use the supplied Miralash curler which has been specifically designed for use with the other two conditioning components, thus guaranteeing better eyelash curling results than with a regular curler.

While Miralash may seem too good to be true, there are no reviews to verify the claims made regarding this product.

Customer Review

So, I asked my friend how the product worked on her.

She says that Miralash did not make her eyes sting or cause irritation, as some other eyelash growth products did to her in the past.

Following the procedure religiously, the first thing she noticed was that her eyelashes were getting thicker and stronger, and less prone to falling out.

By the second week, she observed new lashes growing.

On the third and fourth weeks, her lashes were longer than they usually were.

The downside?

Now that she has ran out of the product, her lashes went back to their usual length.

It’s just too bad that the company who is manufacturing the product seemed to have stopped distributing Miralash.

It would have been nice to know how the product worked on other people.

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