When it comes to eyelash growth serums, the United States’ closest competitor is the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, we have come to think of UK cosmetics as being twice as expensive as U.S. products. In the case of Orimec Lash Bloomer Eyelash Growth Serum, this is not really true.

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Like most other eyelash products, Orimec Lash Bloomer Eyelash Growth Serum promises new eyelash growth and a longer, thicker and healthier condition for existing lashes.

Its use is not only limited to the lashes; you can also use it on your sparse eyebrows as well.


Orimec only lists a few active ingredients.

First and foremost is Penta-peptide-20 which promotes eyelash growth and strength. Other ingredients are natural extracts which serve as moisturizers and conditioners.

These extracts are Ginkgo extract, Witch Hazel extract, Gentiana extract, Artemisia absinthium extract, Arnica extract, rice protein and bean protein.

Since not all of the ingredients are listed, it is strongly advised that you perform an allergy test first prior to use to make sure that you won’t have any side effects.




If your allergy test turned out negative, you can use Orimec.

The serum can be used both day and night. In the morning, apply the serum to the roots of your eyelashes. Let it dry for 2 to 3 minutes before applying your favorite mascara and other eye makeup.

In the evening, wash your face with warm water and soap, making sure that all eye makeup is removed. Again, apply the serum to your eyelash roots before going to bed.

According to the manufacturer, you can expect to see results within 6 to 8 weeks.

I didn’t have to think twice to use Orimec Lash Bloomer Eyelash Growth Serum because it is inexpensive, costing only £8.99.

Lucky for me, my purchase happened to coincide with a “Buy One, Take One” promo so I was able to get two small bottles instead of one.


So, did Orimec work? I must confess that the first time I applied the product, my eyes felt incredibly dry and a bit itchy, although my allergy test was negative.

Thinking that I might have applied too much, I decided to reduce the quantity of the serum and just apply a very thin line along my eyelash roots. No problems after that.

Definitely though, as the manufacturer said, the serum works slow. I was able to notice my lashes growing stronger and thicker after 1 month of daily use.

I only saw an increase in length after 2 months of regular use. Of course, this is in my case. There are a number of reviewers who have claimed to have seen visibly longer lashes as early as 2 weeks.

ORIMEC LASH BLOOMERHowever, I must reiterate that hypersensitive people should first do an allergy test prior to using the product.

Also, apply the product sparingly to the eyelash roots to prevent eye dryness from developing.


It is unfortunate that the manufacturer of Orimec Lash Bloomer Eyelash Growth Serum did not fully disclose their ingredients list.

Such an action could help notify people with known allergies to certain extracts and chemical compounds to avoid the product.

It’s largely mixed results also puts Orimec in the negative end of reviews, especially when you consider that there are products that do work fast and are also not irritating to the eyes.[/read]

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