Cosmetics and beauty products manufacturers often come up with the most outlandish names in order to capture the attention of potential buyers to their new releases. One such product with a very unique name is the eyelash growth product QoQo Eyelash (pronounced as “co-co”). However, the question that begs to be asked is this: Does QoQo Eyelash work?

What is QoQo Eyelash?

A relatively new product, QoQo Eyelash is being marketed as an eyelash growth enhancer, which can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelashes. Most lash growth products do not allow application on the lower eyelashes to reduce the chances of the solution or gel of getting into the eyes and thus cause irritation.

Ingredients of QoQo

One of the most noticeable things about QoQo Eyelash is the very few information about the product that has been released by the manufacturer. In the ingredients list, only four are listed, namely 10 amino acids, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Biological Enzyme EPM.

For the more meticulous buyer, such an incomplete list would already warrant some wariness in buying the product. What can only be assumed from this very short list is that the amino acids and the mysterious Biological Enzyme EPM are the ones that promote eyelash growth.

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Collagen helps in the strengthening of the eyelash strand while hyaluronic acid promotes greater retention of moisture. Essentially, these two ingredients accord a conditioning effect on the lashes. According to the manufacturer, you can expect to see results within 6 weeks.

How To Use QoQo

The manufacturer has very specific instructions on how to apply QoQo Eyelash since it is apparently a highly concentrated formulation. Take the applicator from the tube and scrape off along the rim any excess fluid. The reason for this is that you will only need a small amount to get excellent results. Same as liquid eyeliner, apply the liquid to both your upper and lower eyelash lines.

You only need one swipe of the brush for every application. Start from the outer corner of the eyes going to the inner corner. The next day, swipe from the inner corner going to the outer corner. This will allow for uniform results. If you are using this product in the morning, make sure that you let the liquid dry before applying any makeup.

Why You Should Not Buy QoQo for now

There are a number of reasons why we could not fully recommend QoQo Eyelash. First and foremost among them is the fact that there seems to be a lack of honesty on the part of the manufacturer. They don’t disclose the complete list of ingredients.The U.S. FDA strongly rules on complete disclosure of the ingredients to prevent hypersensitivity reactions in individuals who are particularly sensitive to some chemical compounds or natural extracts.

Secondly, there are no clinical studies performed on QoQo Eyelash, so one has to question how the manufacturer arrived at the conclusion that eyelash improvement can be observed within 6 weeks. The handful of reviews on the Internet state that the product did not work for them, with some even reporting irritation of the eyes.

Discover more information about QoQo Eyelash today before making a purchase from online distributors. It is best to make an informed decision rather than regret buying it impulsively in the end.

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