While U.S. and European manufacturers have been pretty much dominating the cosmetics market, including the eyelash growth product industry, Asian cosmeceutical companies are making their presence felt by promoting their products over the Internet as well as introducing potential buyers to their eyelash growth stimulants through sites like Amazon, Ebay, and AliBaba.

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One such product that has been introduced on Amazon, but is being extensively sold on Ebay is Korea’s Raisis Eyelash/Eyebrow Growth Liquid Treatment.

What is Raisis Eyelash Growth Product?

raisis eyelash reviewRaisis is being marketed by its manufacturer as a growth enhancer for both the eyelashes and eyebrows.

With continuous use of up to 20 to 30 days, you will start to notice your eyelashes and eyebrows growing longer, denser, and fuller, so that you can be able to curl them into a tantalizing upward sweep.

According to the manufacturer, Raisis promotes eyelash and eyebrow growth because of the presence of active enzymes derived from amino acids which stimulate lash and brow growth at the follicular level.

The problem with this product, however, is that it does not provide a complete ingredients list.

The only ingredients that we can find are for the solo Raisis Eyebrow Growth Liquid Treatment, which contains Active enzyme, dihydroxy propane, follicular gonadotropin, collagen protein, and duo ester.

A seller informed me that the eyelash treatment contains other ingredients aside from the above four, but she did not disclose them to me.

The non-disclosure of the ingredients list may make you wary about purchasing the product, not knowing if it contains any substances that may be irritating to yoru eyes.

How to Use Raisis?

How do you use Raisis? Raisis is definitely the only eyelash growth product that I have seen which you can use 2 to 3 times a day. Before applying the product, you should cleanse your face and eyes thoroughly.

Remove mascara, eyeliner and other eye cosmetics with the use of a cleanser. Same as with your favourite liquid eyeliner, apply a small amount of the product at your upper eyelid margins along the base of your eyelashes.

Make sure that the product is dry before applying makeup in the morning. Avoid getting the product into the eye. If you have applied too much of Raisis, swipe it away with a piece of tissue.

Sad to say, looking for reviews on Raisis is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Because it is on the affordable side at $28.50, I decided to give the product a try for one month.

Being cautious of applying too much of the product, I chose to limit use to mornings and evenings, instead of using it also in the middle of the day.

While the manufacturer claims that the product is safe, I soon discovered why buyers are saying that you should not get it into the eyes.

I got careless and managed to get some of the product into my eyes and stung so much that I had to rinse it off. I became more careful after that.

I after 1 month of daily use of Raisis, I noticed an increase in my eyelash length, but not as pronounced as when you compare it with Idol Lash or Revitalash. It is an excellent eyelash conditioner though. While the length, to me, is inadequate, I was very happy with the way my lashes became thicker and stronger.

However, if you have sensitive eyes, I would not recommend Raisis. Also, I personally feel that if you are looking for longer eyelashes, the mediocre results I got with Raisis will probably disappoint many.

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