Short eyelashes can be a problem for women.

Setting aside diminished beauty of a woman’s limpid pools, having short eyelashes can make the eyes vulnerable to dust and other irritants which may affect vision.

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For these reasons and more, women with short eyelashes have been looking for products that can aid them in growing longer lashes.

One very good example of such a product is Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum.

What is Rapidlash

Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum is relatively new in the market, so a lot of women have not heard about it yet.

Those who have tried it out can testify to its effectiveness.

However, caution is being advised with regards to Rapid Lash use because of certain ingredients.

RapidLash Ingredients

The effectiveness of Rapid Lash can be attributed to the prostaglandin analogue, isopropyl clorprostenate.

Prostaglandins have been primarily used in the treatment of glaucoma.

But because one of its “side effects” is greater eyelash growth, prostaglandin derivatives have been used in eyelash products to stimulate faster growth of each lash strand.

Other ingredients in Rapid Lash include Rhizobian gum and sodium hyaluronate which help in moisturizing the eyelashes, polypeptides to increase eyelash strand strength, and vitamins and proteins to strengthen and replenish the eyelashes.

eyelash growth product rapidlash

Because it is priced at a little below $40, it is one of the more affordable eyelash growth products around, especially if you compare it with other products that have the same ingredients.

Women have reported lush growth of eyelashes within 4 to 6 weeks.

The manufacturers have also stated that the product can be used by people who wear contact lenses or eyelash extensions.

Other Benefits

Aside from having a 60-day money back guarantee, buyers can avail of a bonus in the form of a fee Magnesium Crystal Resurfacing Polish, which offers the same skin rejuvenating effects as a professional dermabrasion.

Although Rapid Lash may seem too good to be true, warnings have been issued with use of this product. Some women have noted side effects including redness and irritation of the eyes and darkening of the upper eyelash line.

There have also been reports of more serious side effects including headaches, eye twitching and change in color.

One such report of eye color change had the woman’s eyes changing from blue to brown.

A number of women have even reported their eyelashes drying and falling out with prolonged use of over 6 months.

Report of Side Effect

Because of these reports of side effects, the manufacturers of Rapid Lash are currently conducting clinical trials to determine the extent of harm the product can cause.

Although there are a number of testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of Rapid Lash, it is more prudent to wait for the results of the clinical trials to come out so that you will be reassured of its safety.

For those women who can’t wait to try it out, just make sure that you apply it as per the instructions that come with the product. If there are any side effects noted, immediately flush out your eyes. Also, do not use the product for more than 6 months.

Visit RapidLash Website Todayave been completely restricted from the market for containing dangerous chemical compounds, only one brand may be all-natural from day one and is highly effective.


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