I have a problem with my eyelashes. They are very thin, short and stubby, so that it doesn’t look like I have any eyelashes at all.

I want to try eyelash growth products, but I was afraid that I might end up buying a product that has harmful prostaglandins in it.


What is Rimmel-Lash Accelarator Serum

rimmel eyelash growth serumI decided to do some research on safe eyelash growth products that I could use, and I came across Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Serum, which is one of the highly recommended products by the Cosmopolitan website.

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Because it came with great remarks from one of my favorite magazines – plus the fact that it is affordable – I decided to check it out, and ordered it online.

As eager as I was to try out the product, I was immediately faced with one major drawback. The supplied brush/wand is just not suitable for my lashes. When I apply the clear serum to my lashes, it comes out as an ugly, clumpy mess.

I’ve tried using another mascara wand but it’s too big to fit through the opening of the tube. In the end, I resorted to pouring drops of the serum on the better wand. This is less wasteful than pouring an amount on the dish.


The good thing about Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Serum when I first applied it is that it already acts like mascara, creating tiny fibers that make your lashes appear longer and thicker. Because the serum is clear, it doesn’t look like you are wearing mascara at all. In fact, most of my acquaintances thought that my lashes had grown naturally longer.

Another advantage to this serum is that I did not experience any eye irritation. But this does not mean that you should not be careful when applying it.

Rimmel lash accelerator
Same as with other eyelash products, wash out your eyes to remove the serum. Thankfully, Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Serum is easy to remove with just a gentle eye makeup remover or cleanser.

How Does Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Performed?

You are probably wondering how this product worked for me. Did it give me long lashes? Honestly speaking, it did not give me super long eyelashes like those that supermodels and famous actresses have.

But it DID make my lashes grow to a more reasonable length, although at first I observed that my eyelashes started falling out.

It turned out that the new lashe

s were pushing its way out of the follicles and caused the old ones to fall out. Another plus that it has made my lashes thicker and stronger with its conditioning effect.

Aside from the wand, the other disadvantage that I observed is that the serum peels and flakes on your lashes.

I don’t recommend this eyelash growth serum for whole day use. If it peels or flakes, you will definitely need to wash your eyes off and reapply both the serum and makeup again, which can be a huge hassle. In my case, I preferred to use Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Serum at nighttime.

rimmel lash
Although I have not experienced this with my use of the product, some women have reported that they had a stinging sensation with application. Others have noted unwanted hair growth in places on the face where the serum was applied. There are also some reports of the darkening of the skin of the eyelids and iris.

Read more reviews on Rimmel-Lash Accelerator Serum so that you can make an informed choice on the best eyelash growth product for your use today!

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