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Let me start off this review by saying that this Talika Paris Eyelash Conditioning Cream is NOT Talika Eyelash Lipocils. They are two different products. I have already previously done a review of Lipocils so now we shall focus on its sister product.

What is Talika Parish Eyelash Conditioning Cream

Talika Paris Eyelash Conditioning Cream is the ORIGINAL eyelash cream, before the release of Lipocils. This was an antibacterial cream used in the treatment of eye contour injuries. However, because they discovered that the cream has the side effect of causing eyelash growth, it has been reformulated into an eyelash cream.

According to the manufacturer, the product has specific indications. It is advisable for use among women with short, sparse lashes. It can also be used by those with thin and fragile lashes, and who would want to see their eyelashes become thicker. It is also indicated in women, and even more, who are experiencing lash breakage and fallout.


The ingredients of Talika Paris Eyelash Conditioning Cream are primarily natural extracts, with the exception of two chemical compounds, namely Petrolatum and Allantoin. The herbal essences contained in the product are Ricinus Communis (Castor Seed) Oil, Chamomilla Recutita, Horse Chestnut, Nettle, Witch Hazel, Hypericum Perforatum, Soy Lecithin, Apple Extract, Lamium Album, Pyrus Malus, Arnica Montana, Betula Alba, and Aesculus Hippocastanum. This special blend promotes eyelash growth within the 4 weeks of regular use.

How to Use

How do you apply Talika Paris Eyelash Conditioning Cream? The application is the same as with your favorite eyeliner. Cleanse your face and eyelashes first with soap and water and a mild cleanser. Make sure that all makeup is removed. Swipe a very small amount of the product to the roots of your eyelashes in the morning and evening for the first 28 days, moving on to once a day from the 29th day onward.

The next question that you probably want to ask is how does this product measure up with Talika Lipocils? Let us start with the pros. Apparently, there are a number of women in whom the product worked. They have observed eyelash growth within 2 to 3 months of daily application of the product. Others have seen their eyelashes improve in girth and strength. While this may seem like points in favor of the product, 2 to 3 months to wait for results to show is a long period of time when you compare it to other products which display noticeable changes as early as 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, the cons of the product far outweigh any other pluses that it may have. The biggest argument that women have against this cream is that, unlike Lipocils, it is very oily. Some women found it very difficult to apply the product because it leaves a terrific mess on the lashes. Also, its oily consistency is problematic for morning use. It does not allow the mascara to stick to the lashes, so that women limit the use of it too evenings. In addition, because it is an oil, it has the tendency of getting into the eyes, and when it does, it stings very badly.

Its you call in the end.. Some of us here at the office recommend it and other said better use Talika Eyelash Lipocils over this product.

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