The cosmetics market is a highly competitive field. You see cosmeceutical companies striving to develop new products and marketing strategies for them in the hope that you will part with your hard-earned money in order to buy their products. One type of product that has seen significant demand over the past decade is the eyelash growth stimulant or eyelash growth enhancer, as they are alternatively called. These products purportedly contain ingredients that will enable you to grow longer eyelashes. A good example of an eyelash growth product is TriLash.

What is TriLash?

According to the manufacturer’s retailer website, TriLash aids in enhancing the growth not only of the upper eyelashes—a characteristic that most eyelash growth products have in common—but also the lower eyelashes and eyebrows as well.

Unlike most eyelash growth enhancers that are available on the market today, TriLash is specially formulated so that it can be used also by men, whose skins are 25 percent thicker than women and have greater sebum or oil production which may make absorption of such products more difficult.

How to Use TriLash

trilashHow is TriLash applied? First, make sure that you wash your face and eye areas. Take the no-mess applicator supplied with the product and dip it into the vial. Same as liquid eyeliner, apply a thin line of the product at the base of your eyelashes every morning before putting on your makeup and at night before going to bed.

It is disappointing to say the least that the manufacturer of TriLash does not provide a complete list of ingredients. Research on the Internet only revealed one specific ingredient, namely Tri-L Peptide which, like most peptide ingredients, aids in the building of new eyelashes. However, even the specific chemical composition of this registered peptide has not been disclosed.

Why are we very particular about ingredients? The reason for this is that while you are putting these products on your eyelashes, there is a great chance that it may get into your eyes. There are certain ingredients which may cause stinging or even burning sensations in the eyes which could lead to infection or worse vision problems. If you are already aware that you are sensitive to certain ingredients, it will be easy for you to steer clear of products that may cause a reaction in you. Sadly, TriLash does not take the potential buyer’s safety and health into consideration.

Longer Eyelash in 4 Weeks?

Also, while the manufacturer claims that you can expect to see changes in your eyelashes within 8 weeks of regular use, such a finding is not substantiated by clinical studies.

In truth, most reviewers have found that it will take MORE than 8 weeks before they noticed any new eyelash growth. The soonest that one reviewer reported was 3 months after daily application of the product. There are unfortunately many who have not seen any changes in their lashes at all.

One even reported her eyelashes falling out, which prompted her to discontinue use of the product. As expected, there were a number of reviewers who noted a stinging sensation when the product accidentally entered their eyes. Another minus for the product is its $80 price tag, which will prevent the average buyer from making additional purchases just to see results after a longer period of application.

Given the slow action of TriLash and its hefty price, I would rather recommend other products that work fast and do not cost as much, such as Idol Lash.

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