I am probably the last person to judge a product based on negative publicity, which is not even about the product
itself but the company that manufactures it. However, in the case of Future: SK, the company that manufactures the eyelash growth product TripleLash XL, even I had to do a double take.

Future: SK Background

Based in Scotland, Future: SK has been marketing TripleLash XL as a product that can give you longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes within 3 weeks of daily use.

Unlike other eyelash growth products, TripleLash XL comes in a large tube that will last for nine months. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t you find yourself being enticed to try it out?

triple lash xlUnfortunately, there are certain factors that will definitely deter you from wanting to try out TripleLash XL. If you are a frugal buyer, it may be expensive for you with its price tag range of between $79 and $80, depending upon the retailer you buy it from. Many buyers have discovered that purchasing TripleLash XL from an online retailer is cheaper than if you buy it from the company’s website. But, of course, this leaves one with questions on the authenticity of the product that is being sold outside of TripleLash XL’s official site.

For those who are particular about the safety of the product, an important consideration is the absence of an ingredients list and/or clinical studies done. Even customer testimonials are notably absent. It is difficult, therefore, to determine if the product will cause significant health risks in the future.

There is also the matter on how the product should be used. While the instructions of TripleLash XL clearly state that you should use the product as you would liquid eyeliner, the brush that accompanies it is a mascara wand, making application difficult especially along the base of the lashes.

This brings us back to negative publicity. Sadly, according to the UK Sunday Mail in March 2009, the founder of the company Future: SK Jane McCadden, is the daughter of Pat McCadden, who is a known heroin dealer and tax evader in the UK. The same publication also investigated the company’s site and discovered that it contains information that has been blatantly copied from other competitor cosmetics sites. It even has endorsements from a physician, who was later on proven to be completely fictitious. Because of this investigation, the Future: SK site has been taken down, so that TripleLash XL can only be purchased from licensed distributors.

But what about the product itself? Does it live up to the hype despite all the bad press that accompanied its company and its founder? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The very few reviews that popped up on your Google search revealed only disappointed comments from consumers. Majority agreed that TripleLash XL does not produce any notable changes in eyelashes, even after the prescribed 3 months of use. Some have also noted eye irritation with use of the product.

If you are going to purchase an eyelash growth product, you are better off trying out known brands like Idol Lash.

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Idol Lash

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