Because new eyelash growth products are being introduced almost yearly or even sooner, manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to get any brand new products out into the market fast, even if they don’t have any marketing plans ready.

White Teeth International is an example of one such company. In fact, by its name alone, you would know that the company specializes more in dental products. So when they came out with their own lash stimulant, they did not know how to market it properly.

white teeth international eyelash
In fact, if you look through the eyelash growth product listing on Amazon, it was previously known as Longer Lash before it was simply labelled as “Eyelash Growth Serum by White Teeth, Intl.” No matter by what name it is called, you will know the product by its green vial and its pretty model with abundant green makeup and foliage in her hair.

What is Their Product

On to the product itself, Eyelash Growth Serum by White Teeth Intl. is marketed to grow longer, stronger and thicker lashes through its special formulation of peptides (which encourages lash growth at the molecular level) and natural ingredients. It can be used on the eyelashes and eyebrows.


However, a review of the ingredients list reveals that the product contains only 3 natural oils, namely Castor Oil , Argan Oil, and Emu Oil. The rest are chemical compounds, including the two peptides–1/2 Octanediol Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Copper Peptide—and Sodium CMC,Potassium Sorbate, Naticide, L-Lysine, Biotin, Panthenol , and Allantoin. While it does not contain irritants like parabens, propylene glycol and phenoxyethanol, it is best to do a skin sensitivity test first. Do not use if you should develop redness and irritation.

How to Use

The application of the product is the same as liquid eyeliner. Swipe a small amount along the roots of your lashes every night, although you can also use it in the morning. Just let the serum dry completely before putting on makeup. The manufacturer warns, however, to avoid the eye area. To prevent this, ti is best to limit application to the upper eyelashes only.


While the product is among the cheapest, there are no reviews at all…anywhere. Since it is affordable anyway, we decided to give it a try. With no clinical trials to give us an idea on when to expect results, we decided to give it a 1-2 month trial period.

On first application, I must admit I got a little careless. I put too much product on the wand and forgot to drain out the excess, so it got into my eyes and it stung. I flushed my eye out promptly. Thankfully, the irritation did not get worse, so that I was able to apply it again after an hour. Did it work? Unfortunately, I did not see any new eyelashes growing even past the 2 month period. I did notice that my lashes were stronger, less prone to breaking and/or falling out. But if you are expecting eyelash growth, you’ll just be disappointed.

Although its low price may encourage you to check out White Teeth Intl.’s Eyelash Growth Serum, you might want to pass on this one until the company decides to conduct clinical trials on it. Better stick with affordable products like Idol Lash and Revitalash that do work.

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