I have every reason to be wary of eyelash growth products that contain prostaglandin derivatives. My cousin used Jan Marini Lash’s Age Intervention Eyelash and it changed the color of her eyes from blue to brown. For a time, she also suffered from visual problems. Because of this, I must confess that I am particularly wary of any eyelash growth product and make sure to always check the ingredients list.

What is XLash

Which brings me to Xlash. I am happy to note that, unlike Jan Marini, Xlash makes it perfectly clear to potential buyers that it contains Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03% and that it can only be purchased with a prescription and applied under strict doctor’s supervision.

xlash reviewAs you know, Bimatoprost was originally used to treat intraocular pressure problems in patients with glaucoma. However, when these same patients noted a most “favorable” side effect of increased eyelash growth with use of the product, profit-minded drug and cosmeceutical companies decided to release Bimatoprost as an eyelash growth product without conducting clinical trials for potential side effects. Soon, individuals who have been using Bimatoprost and other prostaglandin derivatives reported side effects ranging from eye irritation and burning sensations to eye infection, visual disturbances and iris color changes. These side effects prompted the FDA to recall Bimatoprost-containing products and reclassify the drug so that it can only be purchased with a prescription.

In the case of Xlash, the manufacturer is very strict regarding the application of the product. First, you should clean your face and eyelids, making sure that all eye makeup is removed. Next, take out one of the supplied applicators. Hold it in a horizontal position below the nozzle of the bottle. Squeeze out one drop of the solution on the applicator. Same as liquid eyeliner, apply a thin amount of the solution to the bases of the upper eyelashes. You will know if you applied the product right if you feel moistness along the margins of your eyelids. Have a tissue on hand to blot off any excess solution that may run into the eyes. Dispose of the applicator. Take another applicator and do the same to the other eyelid. The manufacturer warns that you should not use the product on your lower eyelashes.

If you have very sensitive eyes, I do not advise anyone to try Xlash. From my cousin’s experience, products that contain Bimatoprost cause a burning sensation if it gets into the eyes.

Xlash, like other Bimatoprost-containing products such as Latisse and Careprost, is a slow acting eyelash growth product. It can take 4 months for any positive results to show. Because of the fact that it is slow acting, it can be a very expensive product to use in the long term. It should also be mentioned that Bimatoprost does not give permanent results. Once you discontinue use of the drug, your eyelashes will revert back to their original state.

I really do not recommend using Xlash or any other product containing Bimatoprost. Not only is it expensive and requires a doctor’s prescription, it does not work fast, the results are temporary, and it may cause side effects. Personally, I’m still sticking with my Idol Lash. I don’t need a prescription for it, it works fast, and I don’t have to worry about it changing my eye color.

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